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    a defect to a vehicle is likely to be a danger to the vehicle or other road … “Walk around” daily checks prior to driving the vehicle are a simple and effective way to spot …
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    As the owner or user of a commercial vehicle you are required to develop and put in place … “Walk around” daily checks prior to driving the vehicle are a simple and effective way to spot …
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    reduced risk of vehicle downtime at roadside checks; … still apply if you are the user of the vehicle, that is: in charge of; controlling and or directing the operation of the vehicle. …
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    http://www.cvrt.ie/en/Operator-Driver-Obligations/Pages/maintenance-and-repairs.aspxView duplicates

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    How frequently should a vehicle be subject to preventative maintenance … How frequently defects are detected during routine vehicle checks; … delays at vehicle roadside checks; …
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    The RSA will use the CVORI risk rating system as a tool … relate to the safety condition of your vehicle(s) and your compliance with legal obligations regarding vehicle roadworthiness.  …
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    Road maintenance vehicle … be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle in the post. This certificate is proof that a vehicle met a set of basic safety requirements on …
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    If a vehicle fails and returns for testing within 21 days and has travelled fewer than 4,000km since it was tested, the vehicle does not have to repeat the full test. Rather …
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    the roadworthiness condition of a commercial vehicle for e.g. School Bus, Truck, Trailer or indeed any other type of commercial vehicle you can report your concerns in confidence to …
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    http://www.cvrt.ie/en/about-cvrt/pages/hiring-a-bus-make-sure-it-is-safe.aspxView duplicates

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    daily walk around checks … and tear and the condition of the vehicle. A daily walk-around check​ must be completed on the vehicle before it is used on a public road … ​S.I 229 of 2017 (PDF …
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    maintained and serviced.  Commercial Vehicle Operators now have explicit obligations to have maintenance systems in place and to conduct daily walk around checks.  …
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