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    data in respect of each driver and each vehicle unit for the past 12 month period. This data … provided to drivers for carryout out walk-around checks and for reporting of vehicle defects …
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    http://www.cvrt.ie/en/Operator-Driver-Obligations/Pages/Premise-inspections.aspxView duplicates

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    a self declaration and have an appropriate vehicle maintenance regime in place so as to ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle while it is being used on a public road.  …
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    As well as CVR vehicles, a voluntary test … which are not included relate to vehicle identification, for example verification that the VIN on the vehicle matches relevant vehicle records …
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    As an owner or user of … Daily walk around checks and defect detection … to view due dates for: Service, Commercial Vehicle Test and Tacho Check for each vehicle at a glance. …
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    http://www.cvrt.ie/en/Operator-Driver-Obligations/Pages/Record-Keeping-requirements.aspxView duplicates

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    the roadworthiness condition of a commercial vehicle for e.g. School Bus, Truck, Trailer or indeed any other type of commercial vehicle you can report your concerns in confidence to …
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    A re-check can be completed  on your vehicle when testing resumes. In the meantime, the Authority are exploring how such checks might be done in the short-term having …
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